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Collaborate with LeanSavvy Advisors on your lean manufacturing projectAdvisory Services

LeanSavvy Advisors offer a variety of core services each of which are mutable to the specific needs and challenges found within your organization. What sets us apart in providing these services is the breadth of our experience and background. This ensures that even if we’re working with you on a relatively narrowly focused project, the optimization achieved does not come at the cost of lost optimization in other areas of your organization. Lean manufacturing consulting from LeanSavvy Advisors while utilizing SCOPEThus a collaborative outcome encompassing the managerial, human, financial, operational and technical components of your organization is always achieved.

Whether you are seeking to adjust a single segment or setting out to transform your entire organization from top to bottom, LeanSavvy Advisors are prepared to work side-by-side with you from start to finish.

Our Services Include:
Strategy Planning
5S & Visual Management Systems
Activity Based Costing
"C" Level Services
Kaizen Events
Lean Manufacturing
Manufacturing Operations Management
Setup Reduction
Standardized Work
Supply Chain Management
Turnaround & Restructuring
Value Stream Mapping


Change your Lean project with LeanSavvy advisors and utilize SCOPE while you do itContact us today to discuss how LeanSavvy Advisors utilizing SCOPE™ can partner with you to put you a step ahead of your competition and to cement you as the preferred supplier to your customers.





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