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Some of our past projects -

Interim President/CEO
Ensured the achievement of sales growth from 2005 to 2006 of $9.0 to $17.0 million. Positioned the company through staff, sales program, and manufacturing capability development to meet a plan of $35.2 mil. For 2007.
Established a customer referral program that netted 1,500+ referrals from a customer base of 45,000 in its first 4-weeks of application.

Lean manufacturing Implementation
Implemented Lean Manufacturing practices including cellular based manufacturing, visual management, value stream mapping, 5S, total productive maintenance, single piece flow, set-up reduction, poka yoke, kanban, kaizen and kaikaku.

ERP Systems Implementation
Implemented multiple MRP II (ERP) systems and controls.

Strategic Plan Development and Implementation
Trained & lead executive team in developing and implementing company-wide strategic plan. Lead development of the necessary tactical plans to support strategy and provided support in their execution.

Managed Quality Problem Resolution
Managed and achieved a successful outcome to a massive quality problem involving beetle infested flooring. This included negotiating a satisfactory solution with customer in possession of 4 containers of said material, removal and replacement of some infested flooring,  collecting, fumigating, repackaging and re-distributing a total of 9 containers of material, ensuring additional beetle-free material was available to ensure there wasn’t an interruption of supply to other customers and negotiating with the supplier with respect to their culpability and financial responsibility for paying for the cost incurred in dealing with this issue and working with them to develop practices to ensure that this problem didn’t happen again.


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