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So you’ve decided that Lean is the right course to take, now what? You’ve done your value stream mapping. You’ve created visual representations of your current state and from this developed a future state plan. With this information introducing a kaizen even is a great way to create and sustain high levels of improvement across your organization.

An oft utilized tool is the kaizen event. The focus of a kaizen event is problem solving and in application it revolves around process improvement. The purpose of a kaizen event is to eliminate activities in operations and processes that add cost but do not add value to the customer. Kaizen events are typically staffed by the owners and operators of the process being improved and the improvements that they focus on are kept within the scope of those process participants. To gain some additional insight and to counteract the old “can’t see the forest for the trees” syndrome, it is typical to also include a couple of participants from unrelated functional areas. Kaizen events very efficient ways to quickly improve poor performing process and generally the time frame required is 5-days or less.

It is not unusual to discover that 90% or more of the time and effort it takes to manufacture products and/or to provide your services ends up adding no value from your customer's perspective. To remain competitive it’s critical that you identify and eliminate those non-value adding activities. In doing so, a huge benefit can be gained through leveraging the creativity that resides with each and every person in your organization.

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