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SCOPE, the foundational building blocks of good lean manufacturing practices and processesSCOPE

SCOPE™ is the methodology that LeanSavvy Advisors employ to assist our clients with addressing the pressing needs within their organizations. SCOPE (Systems that Create Order, Productivity and Efficiency) has at its foundation the Lean tool “5S.”

5S is most often applied to areas involving a process where the objective is to “Sort” within the area for what is, and is not, necessary to accomplishing the task at hand. Sorting is followed by the “Simplify” process where what remains in the area is organized to best support the processes being carried out within the area. This is followed by a thorough “Scrub” where the area is cleaned of dirt, grim, clutter, junk etc. that can impede the activities within the process area, impact the ability of the process operator(s) from seeing clearly what is taking place and controlling what is going on and/or may be impinging on the quality of the product being produced. After scrubbing comes “Standardization” where processes and systems are established to ensure that everything remaining in the area is utilized and maintained in a repeatable manner. Lastly is the “Sustain” process. This ensures that all of the work that has taken place heretofore remains in place as developed and that future changes that are made by necessity or for strategic/tactical reasons are well integrated, tested, documented and are themselves standardized into the process.

Using SCOPE™, the LeanSavvy Advisory team has folded the 5S process into the services that we provide. We believe that everything must have a “System” at its heart which provides a clearly defined process which addresses the issue at hand and is repeatable, trainable, and measurable. Such systems when “Created” must be done so in an “Orderly” fashion so that they only contain the minimum, necessary components, are as simple as possible to use and maintain, are free of things that might serve to hide what’s going on, have been developed so that they are repeatable and have a component that ensures their sustainability. Following these exacting precepts can and will in any organization, lead to high levels of “Productivity” and “Efficiency” which can only lead to happy and engaged employees, happy and loyal customers and a satisfactory bottom line.


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