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Plan your lean manufacturing strategy with LeanSavvy AdvisorsStrategy Planning

Are you faced with too many opportunities or worse yet, too many shoals threatening to sink your ship?

A systematic strategic planning process can facilitate your organization's ability to address the issues and questions facing you and facilitate you in becoming more agile and adaptive to changes in your business environment. Why should your organization bother? As your organization grows, there needs to be a systematic method for developing the strategic plan and the tactical plan through which it is deployed. The objective is to provide a tool that effectively communicates to everyone the marching orders for the company and how their attainment and performance will be measured.

Once you've decided to embark on the strategic planning process - you will want it be an effective tool for achieving growth and implementing change. To establish the foundation, a strategic plan begins with defining the current overall environment that your company operates in. What are the market segments you compete in? What are the key characteristics of the company as it stands now? Who are your competitors? How do they operate? Who are your clients and what motivates them to buy?

Next, what does your crystal ball show you about the future? Are significant changes underway in your marketplace? Is someone developing new product improvements that will be lower the demand for your products? Where is the technology in your industry headed? Is there revolutionary technology being developed outside of your industry that will obsolete your product offerings? Where do you want your company to be positioned relative to the competition? What will differentiate you from the crowd over the next three to five years?

Finally, what approach will you use to achieve your future company vision? Does everyone in the organization understand what the desired outcomes for the company are? Does everyone know what the key business factors for success are? Have resources (people, budgets, etc.) been assigned to achieving these strategic goals? Are your employees able to monitor the results so they can take corrective action quickly?


Change your Lean project with LeanSavvy advisors and utilize SCOPE while you do itContact us today to discuss how LeanSavvy Advisors utilizing SCOPE™ can partner with you to put you a step ahead of your competition and to cement you as the preferred supplier to your customers.





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