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Al Bukey - LeanSavvy AssociateAL BUKEY MSIE, P. Eng., CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP

Mr. Bukey is a LeanSavvy Associate. He has over 25 years of experience in supply chain, ERP, and JIT systems, lean manufacturing, industrial engineering, manufacturing applications, management consulting and training across many companies and industries.

Mr. Bukey has been involved in an extensive number of key projects such as establishing lean manufacturing operations and supply chain management processes, selecting and implementing ERP systems, JIT applications, re-engineering, gap analysis and business improvement roadmaps, scheduling, production planning, inventory control, industrial engineering, and training.

Mr. Bukey has pioneered several industry-wide applications such including supply chain readiness, supplier relationship management, sequenced delivery and knowledge assessment. He has assisted many companies with products ranging from electronics to automotive parts to plastics.  

Previously, he held an executive management position to lead the operations of a midsize plastic furniture manufacturing company. In addition, he has held positions as MIS Manager at a Japanese-Canadian joint venture (1st tier automotive parts supplier), as Production Control Manager at a hardware manufacturer, and as an Industrial Engineering Manager at an auto parts manufacturer.

Al Bukey is a highly recognized consultant and authorized instructor for all APICS courses and teaches frequently at organizations (including the customized seminars/workshops) in supply chain management, lean manufacturing, 5S, ERP systems selection and implementation, materials management, logistics, JIT, and operations management. He has published many articles and given numerous seminars and presentations in his area of expertise.

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