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Gary Horsfall - LeanSavvy PrincipalGary Horsfall, CFPIM, CIRM

Mr. Horsfall, is a LeanSavvy Principal and has more than 25 years direct experience in advisory and executive management roles.  His background has spanned consumer product and OEM, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution and retail organizations as well as management, strategic & supply chain consulting.  Mr. Horsfall’s primary areas of expertise include strategic plan development and execution, the formulation and implementation of restructuring and turnaround plans for underperforming businesses and developing and executing plans designed to increase productivity, reduce expense and improve quality and delivery performance. Mr. Horsfall has worked with companies in a wide variety of capacities including those of interim CEO, CFO, COO, and in other advisory roles.

Mr. Horsfall’s executive management and practitioner level background spans the areas of finance, operations, manufacturing, supply chain, sales & marketing and IT in roles ranging from manager, director, VP, COO, CFO and President/CEO. He has successfully been involved with or led companies experiencing 100%+ annual growth, requiring turnaround restructuring assistance, startup level organization and development and/or were in transition from entrepreneur managed to venture backed and managed organizations.

During his tenure at Traeger Industries, Mr. Horsfall, over a period of five-months, ensured the achievement of an 88% sales growth from calendar year 2005 to 2006 and further positioned the company through staffing changes, new sales programs, and manufacturing capability/capacity development to meet a plan calling for an additional 105% growth in 2007 and 114% in 2008. At GFP Strandwood Corp. he put together and executed on plans achieving growth from 2003 to 2005 amounting to 280% and through new product/process development, positioned the company to achieve a 35 fold increase over the coming five-year period. At Peregrine Industries over a period of nine-months Mr. Horsfall took over activities from the current management team, replaced them with a new team, re-worked the product line, established a completely new supply chain and contract manufacturing base, established a workable warehousing and distribution arrangement and re-established working relationships with its customer base.

His activities have often included strategic plan review and development, financial performance review and assessment, due diligence support for M & A opportunities, providing support and leadership with underperforming organizations and/or functional areas within them and the development and implementation of advanced processes and practices focusing on quality/efficiency improvement and cost reduction. 

Mr. Horsfall has received certificates in Lean Manufacturing from Northwestern University and in Activity Based Management/Costing from Cal Tech University. He is a Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management (CFPIM) and a Certified Integrated Resource Manager (CIRM) through APICS (The Association for Operations Management). He has also served several stints as an Examiner for The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award program (MBNQA) which is managed under the auspices of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).



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