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Value stream mapping with LeanSavvy AdvisorsValue Stream Mapping

What is the current state of your organization? Not in terms of profit/loss, efficiency, stability, growth, stagnation... but in terms of the structure, components and relevant metrics associated with its operations.

Without knowing these things at this level of detail it’s quite difficult to truly understand what’s really happening at the operational level, what resources (materials, equipment, personnel, data, etc.,) are required and how they all fit (or don’t really) together. Value Stream Mapping is the Lean tool that provides the capability to understand where things are now in order to move on to developing a “future state” plan which will become your road map for implementing Lean within your organization.

The purpose of Value Stream Mapping is to provide a systematic and comprehensive approach to operations restructuring for enhancing value delivery, eliminating waste, designing cells and lines, establishing effective work and information flow, designing appropriate production control and visual scheduling procedures, defining implementation plans, and installing appropriate operational support systems. A Value Stream Map will illustrate the current state of the operation, it will document waste and detail specific countermeasures that can be eomployed to eliminate it, and it will become the base from which to design a comprehensive future state plan.

Organizations utilizing our Value Stream Mapping services will acquire:


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