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Achieve lean manufacturing excellence with LeanSavvy Advisors and SCOPEWhat is Lean?

Lean is a business methodology that focuses an organization’s energies on maximizing value and minimizing waste. Though often referred to as Lean “manufacturing” the principals, practices and tools are equally applicable to all functional areas, administrative and operational alike as well as to service organizations. At its foundation, Lean supports the creation of greater customer value, i.e. those product and service attributes for which a customer is willing to pay for. It does this by achieving fewer defects and improving delivery while lessening the expense associated with human & equipment resources, materials, space, capital and time.

Lean systematically focuses on producing continuous, incremental improvements that are driven by the desire to eliminate waste and increase the value provided to the customer.

The seven primary forms of waste include:

Lean provides a variety of benefits. While the specific results will vary by company, typical results as listed below can often be achieved. Primary among them are:

Lean is customer focused. Since the success of your business as a whole is due in large part on satisfying customer demands, lean allows your manufacturing, administrative and service providing activities to become more closely aligned with other company goals and activities.



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